Counterfeit l ZEETEC™


Emerging as a global premium brand, ZEETEC is increasingly a target for counterfeiters around the world. Copying ZEETEC product is stealing the work of the company and infringing the work of our designers.
At ZEETEC we have spent a lot of time on refining our products. You will never experience the same quality in a counterfeit product. Furthermore, fake products rarely comply with health and safety requirements. Only genuine ZEETEC products are made with the skill and care that our customers deserve. When you buy ZEETEC products from an authorised ZEETEC reseller, you have certainty that the product is genuine. However, it may not always be obvious if a reseller is an authorised ZEETEC reseller.
To protect our customers against counterfeiters and illegal copies, we will develop special authentication labels that verify the authenticity of our products. You will find the authentication label on the outside of our packaging box in the near future.
If you want to report any suspicion of counterfeit products, do not hesitate to contact us at