Accessory Glass by Corning®

Accessory Glass by Corning® is an alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass that is designed for screen protector applications. With its core composition and optimized ion-exchange chemical strengthening process, Accessory Glass by Corning® screen protectors provide superior performance versus screen protectors made from soda-lime glass or film.


Retina Clear

ZEETEC™ iPhone 14 Retina Clear Glass with 99.7% transmittance got the clearest performance and bring the perfect visual experience.

Retina Clear series


Anti Blue-Ray

ZEETEC™ iPhone 14 Anti Blue-Ray Glass with extra ABR Coating can block the excessive harmful blue light(76%), and reduce eye fatigue and eye strain.

Anti Blue-Ray series


Pioneering Tempered Glass involved multiple functions to solve all the problems in one shot.

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